Baltic Miltech Summit


Baltic Miltech Summit took place in Vilnius and was the one of the first events in the Baltic countries dedicated exceptionally for military technologies. High level public officials, representatives of companies in defence industries and innovative minds from startups, technology companies and many other enterprises met to brainstorm new ideas and to discuss the emerging trends in defence and military technologies.

At the event, military and defence industry experts delivered presentations on future defence technologies, innovations, and cyber security. 18 innovative companies from the Baltic States and the US present their products and services in a special demonstration space. LiTak-Tak also presented its capabilities and Automated Mobile Command Post “Module” was placed in the outdoor exposition area.

Enterprise Lithuania organized this military technology event together with its partners: the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Lithuania, the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology, the Virginia State Development Promotion Agency, Virginia Economic Development Partnership, and the venture capital fund Glade.